Coach Phea Sopheaktra: If Nagaworld can beat us, they can win double

Nagaworld are set to win double this season, but they need to edge past Ministry of National Defense, with Coach Phea Sopheaktra hopeful to end Nagaworld’s hope of clinching the league title and Hun Sen Cup.

Coach Phea Sopheaktra’s Ministry of National Defense will face Nagaworld twice within three weeks in two different tournaments as both sides will meet in the Hun Sen Cup semi-finals this Saturday and in the league on September 15th.

Ministry of National Defense are in a good mood and ready for the semi-final clash with Coach Meas Channa’s side as Coach Phea Sopheaktra is confident that his side can beat their opponents to reach the Hun Sen Cup finals.

With three league matches to go, Nagaworld top the league table with two points ahead of second-placed Boeung Ket, while Ministry of National Defense sit in the fourth place with eight points away from Nagaworld, meaning that their league title race this season is very likely over.

However, Coach Phea Sopheaktra believed that Ministry of National Defense can hurt Nagaworld as his side will do everything it takes to knock out Nagaworld in the Hun Sen Cup semi-finals and drop their points in the league.

Coach Phea Sopheaktra told TheMorning: “I think both sides have already prepared well ahead of the game as it will be the toughest game. For me, it is my first time to lead the team in this important clash, but we are well-prepared in term of tactic and team spirit.

“Nagaworld are on form in both league and the Hun Sen Cup, and we are also in our fine form as we are unbeaten in the second round of the league season.

“We have no problems with the players’ injury, and they are ready for the game. We played Chhin Chheoun in our attack in our success over Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng in the second leg. We will play Reung Bunheing in our attack too as we plan to use Sor Piseth as one of our center-backs to give them [Nagaworld] more pressure.

“Our league title hope is very likely over, but we are still Nagaworld’s big obstacle as we have already beaten Boeung Ket. If they can beat us in the league and Hun Sen Cup, they can win the double.

“However, we will do our best as we want to end their title hope. Nagaworld have a very good preparation, so they can get good results. Their players are motivated and have high team spirit. For us, we are also very committed and hungry for victories, so we are ready for the Hun Sen Cup.

“I think we can produce a good result in the semi-finals as I have so much faith in my players’ performance.”

Photo courtesy of CNCC