Chanpolin Orn on his AFF Suzuki Cup debut, no-look pass, and a win over Laos

Chanpolin Orn made his first AFF Suzuki Cup debut as he was handed a sensational start on Tuesday night, when Cambodia hammered Laos 3-1 at home to secure their first Group A victory.

The midfielder is pleased with the chance to feature in the biggest football tournament in the Southeast Asia in front of over twenty thousands of Cambodia’s local supporters at the National Olympic Stadium in a historic night.

The Phnom Penh Crown youngster had a good debut in Cambodia’s midfield with his toughness to challenge for the aerial balls and many accurate passes, and one thing that delighted the supporters was his no-look pass that received applause from many spectators at the stadium.

Chanpolin Orn, who was replaced by Dani Kouch in the second half, is confident with his no-look pass as he is inspired by several world class players, with the midfielder also practicing his no-look pass during the training with Phnom Penh Crown and national team.

It is understood that it’s not his first time making a no-look pass as he has done that several times during the league and Hun Sen Cup matches for Phnom Penh Crown, though it was not noticed by the fans.

Chanpolin Orn explained a 3-1 success over Laos as a deserved win for Cambodia as they dominated the possession from the beginning till the end of the match and created a number of good chances.

Chanpolin Orn told TheMorning: “I was very excited to debut in my first official match. I’m very happy that I had a chance to play in the biggest tournament in the Southeast Asia that has many people to join and cheer for us.

“I know that I’m not good enough yet and lack of many things, but I will try more to correct all my mistakes for a better performance in the next games.

“About my no-look pass, I was confident to make that pass because I had already checked where my teammates were. I have learned it from world class players, and I usually do it in the training.

“Our team did a great job to beat Laos as we dominated the possession, created many chances, and scored three goals.”

Chanpolin Orn headed to Vietnam with the national team last night as Cambodia face Group A leaders Vietnam in their final group-stage match even though they have already bowed out of this year’s AFF Suzuki Cup.

Photo courtesy of Football Federation of Cambodia